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Mother’s day poem - How do you call yourself a mom

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Mother’s day poem - How do you call yourself a mom :- Mother are known for their love care and kindness,mothers day poems from daughter in law mothers day poems from kids short poems but exceptional are always there. How do you call yourself a mom Mother’s day poem is exceptional. Mother is meant to do her job for all her baby she love and care, but sometimes they give more priority to something else which hurt the feelings. How do you call yourself a mom Mother’s day poem will be the story of broken heart whose mother doesn’t love him.  If you are searching for writing something that really against the mother on mother’s day occasion then How do you call yourself a mom Mother’s day poem is the one which solve your purpose.

Best Mother's Day 2016 Poems From Daughter in Law

Looking in your eyes
Tells me something’s wrong
Never began to realize
You’ve neglected for so long.

It seems you’re never there
You never really try
And every time I want to be with you
You make up stupid lies.

I feel as if
I’m just your friend
That you hate being around

So don’t pretend

Don’t say you love me
With that dreadful tone
It doesn’t make sense
Why you never answer your phone

It’s pathetic to know
You had three daughters
But you have nothing to do with any of them
that truly makes me wonder

Sure our family has had problems
But not that bad that you can ignore
So if you expect me to stick around
I’ll walk right out of the door

You wonder why I live with dad
At least he does try
Daddy has always cared about me
Do you know how much this makes me cry

I feel like you’re dead
Because you’re never there
You’re dead to me
How is that fair

I have never done anything to hurt you
And your boyfriend comes before me?
That’s bull crap mom
Pay attention to me

It’s always poor, poor, pitiful you
You always have problems
You tell me your troubles
Like I’m supposed to stop them?

You used to call every day
Just to see how I was doing
Now it’s like you don’t own a phone
As my emotions are brewing

It’s so hard not to cry
Knowing my mother is barely around
I see girls so close the their mothers
But it’s as if mine is already in the ground

Do you ever cry over me, mom?

Do you ever stop and wonder?
About how I am doing
You’re just a silent thunder

I hate loving you
There’s no point if it’s not returned
My sisters hate it too
I feel like my skin is in a blazing fire being burned

Trying to smile
When I’m with you never seems to faze me
You were always the “cool mom”
But now you don’t care about me.

So now when you need me
I hope you know I won’t be here
I hope one day you read this
And it brings a world of fear

I don’t want your hugs
And fake understanding
I want a mom
Who is never-ending

I’m sorry, mom
But I gotta say
I’ll always love you
But never look my way!
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